Wedding in Umbria

Wedding in Umbria

In the green heart of Italy

Would you like to get married far away from mass tourism in the green heart of Italy? A wedding in Umbria would then be just the thing for you! Known to all nature lovers, not only for the beautiful landscape, but also for the typical Umbrian food with good cheese and sausages, self-pressed olive oil and excellent wine. A nature-loving wedding only for true Italy lovers!

Are you dreaming of a romantic wedding in Umbria? In the heart of this beautiful region there is an authentic location just for you and your loved ones. The former monastery is made just for you. To reach this dream location, first enjoy the journey! The road leads over a pass with a fantastic view over the fascinating mountain landscape of Umbria. Almost arrived, this dream location appears directly in front of you. You have arrived in paradise!

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Fantastic view

Orvieto is an unusual and fascinating city just 1.5 hours from Rome and unique in its architecture. The entire old town is built on a rocky plateau of tuff. This urban rock is criss-crossed by a labyrinth of cellars, corridors and huge cisterns, a small part of which has been reopened to the public. Numerous Etruscan tombs arranged in rows of streets can be found just below the city rock, and there were painted tombs on the slopes facing the city.

A fascinating place for a very unusual, authentic and typically Italian wedding. You can even get married in a very unusual way in a grotto or in the theatre. For celebrations, there are fantastic castles or typical family businesses where the owner will greet you personally. Discover Umbria, a region in the heart of Italy. Unspoiled, authentic and known for its typical regional food! Let yourself be enchanted by Orvieto! We will be happy to help you realize the dream of your wedding in Umbria. Civil weddings are possible in the Chiostro di San Francesco, the caves under Orvieto or the Mancinelli Theater.

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Spoleto, Terni or Assisi

Fantastic cities in Umbria

Spoleto is known for its cultural events. It also has an ancient Roman aqueduct, a beautiful cathedral and a stunning castle overlooking a beautiful green mountain landscape. We have the possibility to organize marriage ceremonies in this castle. After that we recommend a beautiful photo service in the middle of the small Romanesque streets of Spoleto.

Terni – the city of San Valentino and the largest waterfall in Europe
Terni is a working-class town, but the area around Terni has a lot to offer. The patron saint of Terni is San Valentino. Every year on San Valentine’s Day, all couples swear eternal love. Silver and gold wedding couples are also blessed. Terni also has the highest waterfall in Europe with an indescribable view of the beautiful green Valnerina. This is a green valley created by the river ages ago. There we have various possibilities to offer unique locations for your wedding.

Assisi – City of San Francesco
For all Catholics, Assisi would be the city for your wedding. The cathedral, which was severely damaged in a very strong earthquake about 15 years ago, has already been reconstructed in all its beauty and radiates an even greater aura than before. Assisi is not far from Perugia and offers beautiful possibilities for a church wedding.

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