Italian Destination Wedding Planner Award

Best Italian Destination Wedding Planner

I would like to thank Luxlife of the Global Wedding Awards for the nomination! And I am proud to announce that I have been named Best Italian Destination Wedding Planner 2020 – Germany!


And again, I won an award! I’m the Best Italian Destination Wedding Planner 2020


In 2017 it was the Traditional Wedding Specialist for Italy Award and this year it is the Best Italian Destination Wedding Planner Award! Where’s this going to end?!


Of course, I am proud and happy to win such important awards


But it is still more important to me, that my bridal couples are happy and satisfied. I couldn’t make my dream come true, without these great couples! And then don’t win such great trophies either 😊


Such an award should also give you security as a future bride and groom


That’s why I’m proud to win such great and important awards. Because that should also show future couples, that they are dealing with a reputable company that is specializes. Because it is not easy to give one of the most important days in life to someone else. I am aware of this! And that’s why I try to give you the greatest security from the first moment, before we even spoke. Not only my decades of professional experience as a wedding planner, but also my even longer experience in the hotel business in Italy, are already a very good basis to give you the security, that the know-how is given for this. In addition, of course, there are continuous training courses to be always up to date, a German based company and also such wonderful awards!


So, don’t be afraid to know me personally. Then I can also show you much better, who I am and how I can help you to realize your dream wedding in Italy in a unique and fantastically romantic way. As the Best Italian Destination Wedding Planner 2020, I have of course prepared a lot of unusual ideas and options for you! It’s best to call me right away and be surprised. You can find my contact details here!


I will now celebrate my award a bit and wish you a wonderful evening