Getting married in Verona

Getting married in Verona as a surprise?! Is this possible?! Yes, with us!

A wedding in Verona, as a surprise, or better, the bride did not know anything about getting married! Is this possible?! Yes, with us! We did it and here are the photos to demonstrate it to you!


standeamtliche Hochzeit in Verona



Civil ceremony in Verona

S, the groom contacted me with this very special request. He was telling me: “I would like to marry M, my big love, but would like to arrange a surprise to her! I would like that everything will be perfectly organized, as only you woman can do this, but without letting her know. Is this possible?” Another challenge, and as sure you know, I love challenges. And we got started!

The only discussion we had was the wedding dress for her. The groom told me I should take care, but sorry, you cannot NOT have chosen the bride her wedding dress. After a long decision we found a solution also for this. But now, what proposals I should sent him. In Italy we have so nice town halls…. Then I thought to Verona. The city of love. Romeo e Giulietta…. The groom was really enthusiastic! Happy groom, happy Weddingplanner!

After confirming the town hall appointment my first heart attack was near. The groom had mistaken the month! And the wedding should be arranged one month earlier!!! He just told me: “sorry Angela but I’m so excited that I made a mistake!” Ok, we started again ….

Getting married in Verona!

I could book for them the beautiful hall in the Museo degli Affreschi . It’s fantastic to work with grooms! I could choose the flowers, the photograph for the proves (as S. called this service 😉 ), music and all the rest. He just told me: “I’m trusting you. For sure you will know what woman wants”. The only thing I should not do was calling him obviously!

After this nice collaboration, the day arrived and the couple and their daughter stated for their holiday in Italy. The little one was not really enthusiastic with the long drive from the north of Germany to Italy. After the Brenner it was not more possible to continue driving further. At this point, unfortunately the groom needed to anticipate the surprise. Otherwise they could not make it to the appointment for their wedding the next day!

The bride was so surprised about this beautiful idea he had! Driving true they arrived in time also for shopping the wedding dress! So also, the Wedding planner was completely satisfied!  The day after they arrived smiling to the town hall. The Museum of mask in the heart of Verona. Over all the smile of their little daughter 8 month was sooo beautiful! I felt in love immediately!

The ceremony

The ceremony started with live music from an arch. During the readings of the article for the children’s rights, the little one started laughing! Seams that she understood. The official in the end gave to the groom a poem to read for his wife. A beautiful and romantic moment for them. And this time I was not the translator but was invited to be the testimony of her. Assisting him with this surprise and been now part of their marriage made me really proud!

After the ceremony I was the official babysitter and had a lot of fun with her, during the photo shooting of M & S. Thanks to Maurizio for this beautiful photos!  Walking true Verona, enjoying the day and the romantic atmosphere, the day step by step came to the end. Invited for an aperitif and beer we enjoyed the last hours together and then I left the newlyweds for a romantic evening together!

Before I left the bride told me, that she was thinking, that he had a lover. All this secret call, E-Mails and his strange behavior. But finally, she knows why! It was all for her! To make her dream came true! But please, future husbands, think about this point, if you are planning to organize a secret wedding!

Thanks to M & S and your little daughter to being now part of your marriage. I wish you all the best for your future together and thanks S for your trust and the lot of fun we had together in organizing this secret wedding!

Your maid of honor Angela


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Getting married in Verona

Location: Verona

Guests: just Wedding couple and their daughter

Service: Town hall fee, testimony, recognized translator, bridal bouquet, music during the ceremony, Make-up and Hairstyling and photographer

Costs for the above indicated services: circa 2100,00 Euro