Wedding with rain can be so funny

Volterra – Tuscany 1.6.16 16.01 Uhr – rain. Not just a normal rain, like in spring or autumn. No, a real cloudburst! So much rain I just know from Germany or London but not in my wonderful Tuscany! But a wedding with rain can be really funny if you have with you nice people!

A wedding in Tuscany is always an adventure!

This nice German couple contacted me in asking my assistance for their romantic elopement in Tuscany. They planned arriving in Italy with their camper. No problem, all has been arranged and the day of the wedding I arrived, with rain, at the Camp. I was quite hysterical for the rain and my broken car as I saw the bride smiling like normally the Tuscan sun. She was more than happy about getting married in a few hours that she did not care about the weather conditions. What a nice couple!!! P & M enjoyed their day and holiday. As the hairdresser and make-up artist arrived, also there was quite surprised, about the Location they should work. Just in front of the camper, the bride was made up. So much fun with the groom that needed always to put back the electricity in the camper as we used to much for the phone. But finally also his dream arrived. The FIAT 500 he was dreaming from.

And naturally his beautiful future wife after a few more minutes of styling as usual. Let’s get started, and the couple drove with their Fiat 500 up to Volterra. Right in front of the beautiful town hall. Still raining but that was really not important for them. The heart in their eyes was enough for me to be sure, they are enjoying their dream Wedding in Tuscany.

A Wedding with rain is just funny!

A romantic ceremony in the beautiful town hall in Volterra. A walk true the beautiful Volterra where this wonderful photos from Angelina has been made. The people we met just told the bride: “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata” That means just a wet bride is a happy bride. This sentence P learnt immediately! After relaxing with a typical Italian coffee M enjoyed driving again with “his” car. Driving in the rain true the Tuscan country side to a beautiful Borgo, where a good friend of mine was already waiting for them. We enjoyed a nice aperitif, made other wonderful photos while Gabriella was organizing a surprise for P & M. A romantic candle light dinner on a wonderful terrace overlooking Tuscany! A romantic elopement under friends in Tuscany.

Thanks to P & M for this wonderful day together with you. Your smile and your warm words will remain always in my heart! See you soon, sposa fortunata, back in Tuscany!

If you are interested in more informations about the possibility to get married in Volterra please follow this link and contact me today for more details. Looking forward to speak to you!

Elopment in Tuscany

Location: Volterra

Guests: just Wedding couple

Service: Town hall fee, testimony, bridal bouquet, Old-timer Fiat 500, Make-up and Hairstyling, Candle light dinner and photographer

Costs for the above indicated services: circa 2500,00 Euro