Wedding on the cliffs in Sardinia

Wedding on the cliffs

Yes it s possible in Sardinia

I still remember the call from Petra, the bride. “Hello Angela, I would need your help. My boyfriend does not want to marry me!” “What?!” „He is telling me that he does not want to wear a jacket and that he wants a Wedding on the cliffs. But this is not possible!” My answer was only: “That’s really a bad excuse. You may get married on the cliffs and for this you do not need any jacket!” It seems to me hearing a piece of stone falling down from the heart of Petra on the other end of the phone!


Let’s get started for the Wedding on the cliffs

Petra received from me an offer, celebrating their civil wedding on the top of cliffs in Sardinia. Not only a symbolic ceremony, but a legal recognized one, that the couple wanted this, as they already had two children. I created them a package including the civil ceremony, soft decoration on the cliffs for the ceremony, two flower arrangements, one for the bride, one for their daughter, a photographer that made this beautiful pictures, thanks Matteo, a Makeup artist that took a bit care and made Petra relaxed before starting this adventure, a romantic aperitif on the cliffs and a dinner for 4 under the stars. Two Suites and my on-place assistance included the couple spend less than 4500 Euro for their Dream Wedding in Sardinia.


The Wedding on the cliffs


The day was also fun for the kids that helped me with the surprise of decorating the cliffs. Georg did not believe till he has been in front of the official celebrant that he will getting married on the cliffs in Sardinia. A romantic and private ceremony, just the couple with their children, the sea in front and the wind around. A dream became reality!

Topping this moment was quite impossible, but we did it once we arrived in the Location where Pietro and Simona where expecting us with an aperitif during the sunset. We just arrived in time, always on the top of other cliffs, as the sun kissed the sea. The couple enjoyed their aperitif and afterwards a nice, typical Dinner has been served under the stars.

Can you imagine this moment?! This or similar could be also your dream Wedding in Italy.

They enjoyed the evening together with their new friends. A beautiful day came to the end and a dream became true!

I am glad that I had the possibility in realizing the dream of P&G, knowing them and their two children. In finding new friends. I thank you both for your nice massages that I’m still receiving from you.

I hope you see that bad excuses are never bad enough! Speak with me about your dream and bad excuses from your partner and I would be glad in assisting also you in realizing your dream Wedding in Italy! Dreams become true, and I hope I could let you understand this with this short story! Thanks again P&G for this beautiful day spent together. Hope to see you soon in Austria or how knows, maybe in Sardinia. A big hug also to my two assistances!


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Wedding on the cliffs in Sardinia

Location: civil ceremony on the cliffs

Guests:          2 couple and their two children

Services:       reserved Zone on the cliffs, basis set up for the ceremony, town hall fee, professional photographer, Aperitif on the cliff, romantic candle light dinner under the stars, Make up and bridal hair styling, Bridal bouquet and bouquet for the daughter, Wedding cake and accommodation in two Suites for the wedding night.

Cost for the above indicated Service for 4 persons: circa 3700,00 Euro