Civil wedding on the beach

Yes it’s possible!!!

Punctually to beginning of the wedding season we have some wonderful news for you!

After many requests, long phone calls and a few visits to the beautiful island of Sardinia we are more than glad announcing you, future wedding couples, that a civil and legally recognized Wedding directly on the beach is possibile!!! And this on the wonderful island of Sardinia – Italy! A safety and wonderful place to visit in Europe. Here you find now a few more information’s in regard!

Civil wedding ceremony directly on the beach. We reccomand:

1. Bring with you a lot of fun and a very good sun cream!

2. The ceremony on the wonderful white beaches in Sardinia should be planned in the morning or during the romantic sunset in the evening. Just because we would like to see you smiling and not suffering. Than the sun, overall in high season is really strong during the day, also on the beach. A bit of excitement is normally and we would love to see a smile on your face saying “Yes I will” and not a suffering “Yes”! Personally I love the sea during the morning hours. Just to listen the voice of the waves and being there with your sweetheart!

3. Do not forget to dream! Just a bit of decoration, like a beautiful arc or a heart drawing in the sand and the scenography for your dream wedding on the beach is completed.

Uncomplicated, because organized with us! We will remain on your side as your competed partner during the whole period of planning and realizing! We will show you different options how to realize your dream wedding on the beach, but at the end it will be you and your partner deciding how your Wedding day will be!

And so nothing will be in the way in getting married civilly on the beach!

The civil ceremony on the suggested beaches are afterwards totally, legally recognized also in your country! You will get be married directly on the beach! Why are you still waiting?! Let us know your wishes and dreams and we would be more than happy in realizing them together with you!

Get married in a civil ceremony directly on the beach in Sardinia – Italy. Here now a few photos to give you a few impressions and let you start dreaming! Do not forget in contacting us! We would be more than happy in realizing your civil, and completely recognized dream Wedding in Italy. Your civil Wedding on the Beaches in Sardinia!

Here you will find already a few more details regarding the necessary documents. For more information’s please contact us

Contact us today, we would be glad speak to you personally! Realizing your civil ceremony directly on the beach in Italy is coming nearer! Trust in us and contact us! We are there for you!

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