Wedding on the beach despite COVID

Wedding on the beach despite COVID

Today I would like to tell you the wedding story of N & P who realized their dream of a wedding on the beach despite Covid. Simply to take away your fear! Simply to keep you dreaming and simply to show you that your dreams can always be realized! 2020 was a very exciting wedding season for me. A lot of flexibility was required. But thanks to my more than 10 years of professional experience, thank God, I have the complete network to realize also last minute weddings. Just like the wedding of the two. A last minute request, just a few months in advance, to realize the dream of a legally recognized wedding on the beach.

The bridal couple dreamed of a wedding on the beach in the turbulent wedding year 2020

I like to remember the insecure phone call. Covid was just in full swing, but the two of them had a dream. To get married with their feet in the sand. The first question was of course whether a beach wedding was feasible despite Covid. “Of course, no problem” is my standard phrase, as you already know from other wedding stories! The fear of the two of course haunted us for a few weeks, but slowly I was able to infect both of them with my positive attitude and so they slowly opened up and began to realize that their dream was about to come true.

Of course there was a plan B, but it wasn’t needed

Because we stayed ottimistic. Of course you can’t go into a wedding planning naively, so of course we also talked about the uncomfortable topic of what if and worked out a joint plan. But I asked both of them to just keep this in mind, as a little psychological support, but not to let the anticipation take away. And thank God the situation in Italy got better and better, weddings had been possible again since the two of them asked. There were some hygiene regulations that weren’t really exceptional and so the planning went into the final stages. Nothing stood in the way of the beach wedding despite Covid!

And slowly the two were looking forward to their wedding on the beach and that despite Covid

After a nice planning period, it was the big day. In the morning I met the couple in town for the preliminary promise. A delicious cappuccino and a bit of chatting before heading back to the holiday home. Around noon, the photographer, video maker and stylists arrived. The bride’s parents gave everyone a warm welcome and spoiled us with a cafe. A relaxed styling afternoon began. The only one who was really nervous was the groom. The poor man was then banished to the upper floor so that he would not see his bride before the wedding. The photographer and videographer started with detailed shots of the bridal bouquet that had already been delivered, with a little “warm-up” photos of mom and dad, the groom and of course lots of pictures of the bride! When I noticed the harmony between everyone, I went to the beach. My florist was already waiting for me there, as was the musician, as well as Alessandro, the restaurant owner, my favorite location in Tuscany. Together we decided where everything will be set up and everyone did their job. I was able to relax a little with a short walk on the beach, before I got the rake in my hand again and again to rake the beach section that was now beautifully decorated, perfectly level. Because that’s my job !!!!! Everything has to be perfect! And then there they were. The groom, totally excited, took his place right next to the beautiful round wedding arch. And then the bride got out of the car. A lovely smile! Wow!!! N was a real dream! Your glow in your eyes and around you. I was blown away! Hush hush, I had to go to the registrar on the beach and then she ran in, led by her papa, accompanied by our guitarist. When P saw his bride, tears flowed. And, accordingly, mine too! An incredibly beautiful moment. That the two have been looking forward to for so long!

The dream of a beach wedding despite Corona came true!

The marriage ceremony was celebrated by the registrar directly on the beach. The only requirement we had was a distance of one meter from the guests. And among us, of course. There was no mask requirement in the open air, so everyone could see all the emotions! And they were there! After the wedding, the couple had planned a sand ritual. Musical accompaniment by a singer and guitarist make this moment unforgettable. The two also exchanged marriage vows. So many emotions !!! After the wedding we needed something to drink first, because we were almost dry from tears. A champagne reception right on the beach and then the couple disappeared for a romantic bridal couple shoot on the beach. Here were the wonderful photos that Angelina captured for you. There is also a short video here, in which the emotions of this day come across even better. Because such a wedding video is worth every penny. Those moments will never be forgotten if you have a good videographer.

Of course, we also take care of the guests

Because as long as the bridal couple enjoys a little time for themselves, I am happy to take care of the guests. A nice conversation, the parents usually tell me stories of the bride and groom, you know, the really embarrassing things 😉. Just in time for sunset, a few photos all together before we went to the beautifully set table right on the beach. A beautiful candlestick was the central element of this simply beautifully romantic set-up. Hanging glass balls to spread even more candlelight. A romantic candle light dinner on the beach is the perfect way to end a dream day. This is exactly how the two had imagined their big day. Simply romantically beautiful on the beach, swear eternal love with your loved ones. And this dream has come true! Dear N, dear P. Thank you very much for your trust, that you accepted me, believed me and held onto your dream. It was a wonderful time with you. I really miss your nocturnal WhatsApp messages! Thank you very much again for the present, yes the orchid is still alive, and thank you very much for the thank you that arrived a few days ago. After a long journey, the roses arrived. And I smell it every day and remember you guys so fondly. I hope to read a WhatsApp message from you very often at 10 p.m.! Kind regards and I expect you every September in Tuscany! Excuses like Corona don’t count, you know that!

Und das ist das Feedback des Brautpaares

Angela is there with all her heart and commitment. Thanks to her experience and organizational talent, she is the perfect wedding planner. We knew from the start that we were right with her. It was a perfect match. If you want to realize your dream wedding in Italy, you've come to the right place. Dear Angela, thank you very much for making our dream of a beach wedding possible. We have always dreamed of a wedding where we can feel the sand under our feet during the wedding ceremony - you made exactly that and much, much more possible. You really implemented every one of our wishes. We can say with full conviction that it was our DREAM WEDDING. THANK YOU. Kind regards N & P
Strandhochzeit trotz Corona - Beach Wedding despite Covid
N & P
Beach Wedding in Tuscany

Beach wedding despite Corona

Our offer
Location: sandy beach in Tuscany

Guests: newlyweds and parents of the bride

Services: Make-up artist & stylist, registry office fee, guitarist and singer for the wedding, round wedding arch with lanterns as a wedding set, professional photographer, videographer, bridal bouquet, hair wreath, badges, table decorations with candlesticks and hanging candles, candlelight dinner for 4 people in one reserved zone right on the beach, cupcake and wedding cake

Cost of these services for 4 adults: approx. 6400.00 euros