Wedding in Tuscany Etruscan cities – get married in Volterra or Certaldo

Wedding in Volterra:

Have you always dreamed of having a small romantic wedding and are you a great lover of the Etruscan culture? Then a small and intimate wedding in the historically important city of Volterra would be just perfect for you. Volterra is located about 50 kilometers south of Pisa and 50 kilometers from the Mediterranean sea. The city is known with its spectacular scenic environment as one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. The registry office in Volterra was primarily known all over the world for the Vampire movie of the twilight saga “Newmoon”. Don’t worry, weddings take place only during the day … The city centre lies on a 550 m mountain ridge overlooking the Cecina Valley in the midst of barren, rugged hills with endless views over the Tuscan countryside.

The romantic registry office in Volterra is a very nice and relaxing place to get married. Go for it and seal your love in Volterra !

Wedding in Certaldo:

A fabulous wedding with an unforgettable view over the Val d’Elsa, very intimate and romantic is possible in Certaldo, another of the Etruscan cities. Certaldo is located about 40 km southwest of Florence, and it is crossed by the Elsa river. The historic center of the city, the Upper Town (Certaldo alto) is located on a hill, while the lower town (Certaldo Basso) lies down by the river, just on the Via Francigena from the 17th Century. From the lower town, a funicular railway leads to the upper town.

Some historical information: The origins of the village date back to the Etruscan period, the place itself was not first mentioned until 1164 when Frederick Barbarossa gave the locations Certaldo, Pogni and semi Fonte (now Barberino Val d‘ Elsa) to Count Alberti of Prato. Certaldo is also mentioned in Dante’s 16th Canto of the Inferno. But most of all, the place is known as a possible place of birth and of death of Giovanni Boccaccio, who was also buried here. 1292 Florence took over the direct rule in Certaldo, the Praetorian Palace became the seat of the governor, then in 1415 the seat of the Vicariate of Valdelsa and Pesatals (Val di Pesa). The still visible coat of arms on the facade and in the entrance hall are various vicars of the Crest Family. By extending below the historical center Via Francigena and its trade flows, the place enlarged in the 17th Century, when the deeper district was named Certaldo Basso. From 1784 the Palazzo dei Vicari (Praetorian Palace) was used as the town hall until 1866, when the Town Hall was moved to Certaldo Basso at the Piazza Boccaccio. To date, Certaldo is known primarily for tourism, as it is situated right in the center of Tuscany, easy to reach Florence, Siena and the Chianti. This area hosts many different wonderful villages and towns created during to Etruscan times.

Tuscany very much influenced by the Etruscans, as this mysterious people found their home mainly in central Italy. Certaldo and Volterra are just two examples for your possible dream weddings as Etruscan and history fan. But please also contact us for more suggestions. Get married in the Etruscan cities!