Get married in Spoleto, Terni or Assisi

Wonderful cities in Umbria – the greean heart in Italy

Spoleto – beautiful Cathedral and a roman aqueduct

Spoleto is a beautiful little village in the heart of Umbria. A civil wedding can be hold in the Castle from where you have a wonderful view over the green mountains just around this magnificent village. The roman aqueduct is famous as well the special events that are organized every year in Spoleto. The small little streets that are so typical for the “original” Italy are the perfect place for romantic photos. Afterwards we suggest a candle light dinner in a beautiful location just on the top of one of the mountain around with a beautiful view over Spoleto! Start dreaming of your dream wedding in Spoleto and we take care that your dream become true!

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Terni – city of San Valentine

Get married in the city of the Padron for all Lovers. San Valentine is the Padron of Terni. Every Valentine’s Day all couples that will get married, are getting a Blessing in the Cathedral. Only really Lovers of Italy knows, that near Terni is also the highest waterfall of Europe. Also there could be arranged maybe your wedding proposal. Or a beautiful photo shouting after you got married in one of the beautiful churches in or around Terni. Get yourself inspired and we will take care in getting your dream wedding in Umbria become true!

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Assisi – city of San Francesco

For all catholic would be Assist the perfect place for a romantic dream wedding in Umbria and Italy. To get married in the catholic church. The patron of Assisi is San Francesco. The Cathedral, that has been destroyed on an earthquake about 15 years ago, has been completely restructured. Assisi is just a short distance from Perugia and offers many beautiful possibilities for a church wedding, romantic and unique here in Italy!

Get married in Assisi. Romantic Locations in the countryside, excellent food and wine and the heartily welcome of the people there will never let you go back home!