Wedding in Perugia

Perugia – the city of the sweet kisses

Perugia is famous for the chocolate fabric that produce the “Baci Perugini”. A beautiful city with many beautiful halls to get married with a civil Ceremony in Italy. Perugia is a beautiful city in the heart of Italy. Just a few kilometers you find the beautiful lake of Trasimeno. In Perugia itself is a beautiful Cathedral for your church wedding in Umbria. Many beautiful locations, like Villas and little Borgos (small villages) offers the possibility to get married legally there. Contact me for a free proposal and I would be glad in assisting you in getting married the beautiful city of Perugia!

Please find a romantic story about a Dream Wedding in Perugia right here!

Get married in Perugia, a beautiful romantic city in the heart of Italy!

Here are a few more information’s about the different wedding halls we have available in Perugia:

  • SALA DELLA VACCARA and SALA DEI NOTARI are located near Palazzo Priori, the main square in Perugia with the famous fountain Fontana Maggiore
  • SALA BINNI is a small little church located near Porta Sole the “terrace from Perugia” with a wonderful view over the river
  • NOBILE COLLEGIO DELLA MERCANZIA is located in Vannucci. Just near to Palazzo Priori. A wonderful hall with wood and beautiful colons.
  • AUDITORIUM SANTA CECILIA: Small theatre in the centre of  Perugia.