Wedding in a Villa near Lucca

Wedding in a Villa – your civil Wedding near Lucca – Tuscany


Have you always dreamed of a wedding in a villa? Or in the beautiful medieval town of Lucca? In Lucca and the surrounding there are great ways to celebrate your civil wedding outside the classical registry offices. Lucca lies in the valley of the river Serchio, about 20 km northeast of Pisa and 20 km east of the Tuscan coast. In the 13th and 14th centuries Lucca was one of the most influential European cities, especially for its important textile industry. The main square, Romanesque churches and medieval towers testify still today the former importance of this city. There are four gates fortifications, begun in 1504 and completed in 1645 and included among the most remarkable in Italy. Today they are still in good condition and carry a tree-lined promenade.

Some historical information: The ancient Etruscan Lucca, which dominated the valley of the Serchio, is first mentioned by the historian Livy as the place where Sempronius in 218 BC retreated before Hannibal. In the Augustan division of Italy, Lucca was the seventh assigned region (Etruria), and under the Lombards it was the residence of a Duke and had the coinage. The Dukes extended their power gradually to the whole Tuscany, but after the death of the famous Matilda, the city began to constitute itself as an independent municipality. In 1160 it was received from the Bavarian Duke and Tuscan Marquis Welf VI in return for an annual tribute dominion over a territory around the city. The wealth and influence of the city of Lucca in the 13th Century was based in large part on its textile industry. Lucca was famous for its silk, which colors were considered second to none in Europe. Lucca’s history is tumultuous: it was occupied by the troops of Louis of Bavaria, sold to the rich Genoese Gheradino Spinola, occupied by the Bohemian King John pledged to the Rossi of Parma, one of which ceded to Martino della Scala of Verona, sold to the Florentines, passed to the Pisans, nominally liberated by the emperor Charles IV and governed by his vicar, succeeded in Lucca, since 1369 first as a democracy, and after 1628 as aristocratic patrician oligarchy, to maintain its independence as a city-state alongside Venice and Genoa, until the French Revolution, when Lucca wrote the word Libertas on its banner. The political turmoil of the 13th and 14 Century were addressed by Dante in his work. Beginning of the 16th Century one of its leading citizens, Francesco Burlamacchi , undertook an attempt to give political cohesion Italy, but he came around on the scaffold, and there still is a monument dedicated to him in 1863, situated on the Piazza San Michele. Due to the military might of the victorious French revolutionary armies that ended the Austrian suzerainty over Italy, in 1799/1800 the Republic of Lucca was forced to introduce a modern „democracy“ in the French style and in complete dependence on the France of Napoleon Bonaparte (Lucchesi Republic). Lucca was then shortly occupied in the wake of the fall of Napoleon in 1814 by Austrian troops. At the Vienna Congress, which decided 1814/15 on the reorganization of Europe, the small but wealthy state of Lucca became the displacement and mass compensation for dynastic and political interests.

From this time many villas have been created in the area around Lucca. Get married legally in one of this beautiful Villas or at the registry office of Lucca. Your dream of a fairytale wedding will get reality!

Wedding in a Villa in Tuscany!