Wedding in a Castle near Rome

Wedding in a Castle near Rome

There are so many, nice and unusual places in Italy where you can get married with a civil ceremony. This couple dreamt from a Wedding in a Castle near Rome. This couple contacted me in June in getting still married the same year. Normally this is not a problem, but as they informed me that there are planning to invite around 50 guests, I was a bit shocked! Than normally for bit weddings like this you should plan one year to find still an available Location that is still free for a Wedding weekend. But it’s not for me, if it’s not a challenge! But the couple was so nice and we found there perfect location, a Castle near Rome, where we organized a civil ceremony in the patio and a beautiful Wedding reception in the Ballroom inside the Castle. The collaboration with the bride was fantastic. It was already high season also for me, and I was traveling a lot to my other Wedding couples but thanks to the fantastic and organized collaboration the bride and I had, we got the Wedding organized till the End of August. Just a few month for a wonderful Destination Wedding near Rome. Thanks J. again for this fanatic collaboration and understanding!

The wedding in a Castle arrived

Thank October arrived. We organized this time a Get together with the family, a bit different than usual. A sightseeing tour in Rome with the family and friends and a nice Dinner at Piazza Navona. Also the photographer Andrea participated already on this special day! A nice walk true Rome with the family that arrived from different parts of the world. Something special also for me!

Wedding day – a civil ceremony in the patio of a Castle near Rome

The wedding day was a dream! Ok it was October so the “good weather guarantee” was not there. But after a bit of rain, we moved the ceremony to one hour later, the day was perfect. Before the ceremony photos just from the girls and boys has been taken separately. So the groom should not see the bride before. Play hide and seek in a Castle was really fun!

The civil Ceremony

The ceremony was so romantic and has been decorated really special from their friends. During the ceremony a piano player was arranged, and as a good friend of the bride start singing a love song for them, the emotions went to the top. Photos from this romantic moments you will see later. Thanks Andrea for them and for the fantastic collaboration with you during this days! After the aperitif a few photos of the whole party has been made and afterwards a romantic photo shooting just with the newly wedding couple. The dinner was then served in the beautiful Ballroom of the castle. A fantastic, typical Italian Wedding Dinner. After this the wedding cake has been served in the garden. The first dance has been made. The couple lived in the US, so they did a typical dance that the American used to do. A lot of fun for me and my team! Thanks to let us participate! After this the party started. The DJ started with his music, and for them, that got hungry during the night, a Buffet with sweets and crepes has been ordered. And for sure drinks where never missed ;-). The party has been very long. But the Wedding planner is tooooo old for this and I left them dancing all night long.

Thank you!

I would like to thank J & T for this days together and for the fantastic collaboration. It was really a pleasure for me assisting you in getting married in Rome. It was also a big pleasure for me meeting your friends and family! You are really an united family and this was so nice to see! I wish you all the best for your future together and hope to meet you soon back in Rome!

Should you also dream from a romantic Wedding in Rome please find on our Homepage in the section Rome a few more inforamtions where you can get married in Rome. For Location proposals please contact me direct. As I lived over 10 years in Rome I know many nice and wonderful places. Also the secret onces 😉 A Wedding in a Castle, a Villa, a Farmhouse, on the beach or unusal places, I know them all! Let me surprise you!

Wedding in a Castle near Rome

Location:       civil ceremony in a patio in a Castle

Guests:          45 guest and wedding couple

Services:       Bus for the sightseeing tour, German speaking guide for the sightseeing tour in Rome, town hall fee for the celebration in the castle, flower decoration for the patio, ballroom and Aperitif, Bridal Bouquet, Music during the ceremony, DJ, Aperitif, 3 course menu including Wedding cake, beverages and wine, photographer for 2 days

Cost for the above indicated Service: circa 11500,00 Euro