Marry me in Italy at the DWP

Also in 2018 we are getting always more famous!!! Marry me in Italy has been invited to the biggest, international Wedding Planner Event the DWP – Destination Wedding Planners Congress. There we will going to meet all the famouse Wedding Planners that are organizzing Weddings all over the world for international VIP s. Also the collegues that organized VIP Weddings in Italy. And we are inbetween all of this famouse People! This high Level Buisness Event takes place in Mexico!

When did I travel so far the last time?! On my honeymoon 2005…. Wow 13 years ago!!!! Than I guess it would be necessary to plan a short holiday….. No, of Course will we work for you also in Mexico. Visiting beautiful beaches and Location, tasting the mexican Food and much more. How knows maybe I fall in love also with this Country as I did years ago with „my“ Italy…..

Dont be afraid, also if Marry me in Italy became always more famouse, we remain the same! The individual and personal contact to my Wedding couples is what makes the difference for us. And this will be always so, also after the DWP! But I m really happy to meet other collegues and getting hopefully a new experience! Than you never stop learning!

The DWP will take place from April 10 to 12th 2018 in the beautiful Los Cabos. Beautiful picturs and adventures from this Event I will post for you than on Facebook and Instagram! I m getting really excited and feel really honored that Marry me in Italy is getting recognized also on an international Level. But this will be just the first step… That I can promise to you 😊

Adios en mexico



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