Civil Wedding

Necessary documents for your civil wedding in Italy

To ensure that your marriage is legally recognized in your country please be adviced that the following documents are required for the civil wedding in Italy:

  • Identity card or passport valid for at least 6 months
  • International birth certificate, which can be issued at the registration office of your place of birth.
  • For most of the EU countries just an international certificate of marriage capacity (nullaosta) from your country will be required. For US, Great Britain, Australian citizens please contact us directly for more detailed information.
  • Please contact us for detailled informations

Please note that divorced women, in Italy can not get married again before 300 days from her divorce date.

I am of course happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard. Call me without obligation!

Church wedding

Required documents for your church wedding in Italy:

If it’s your dream to get married in church in Italy, than you should be already civil married in your country. Otherwise if you are catholic, you might plan to do both civil and ecclesiastical rituals in the catholic church in Italy. Catholic weddings can be only celebrated in sacred places. Protestant and Anglican weddings we can also be arranged in a place of your choice as a beautiful garden, a terrace overlooking the sea, a light house and so on.
The following documents are required for your church wedding:

  • Already existing marriage certificate of the civil registry office from your country (place of residence) or at least the registration for the civil ceremony with a date.
  • Identity card or passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Baptismal and Confirmation certificate
  • Confirmation of the marriage preparation course from your community priest
  • Transfer to marry abroad (Litterae dimissoriae)


All documents should be translated into Italian and certified in order to guarantee a smooth process.