A weddingorganisation requests a lot of experience and over all of good contacts. For a Wedding organisation you need to have time, over all in planning the little things. But no worry also with our complet organisation its always your wedding that we organized! I just realizze your dreams!

To demonstrate you transparence and trust, you will always pay every provider yourself. We provide you all details, but the payment will be always done diretley from you to the providers!

For sure, this is one of the most difficult points for a wedding couple so I would like to assist you also with this!

The costs depends entirely on you, your dreams and your ideas! And of course, on how much you want to invest in your big day. Because only you know your account balance and only you can decide, how much to spend for your dream wedding in Italy. My job is precisely to help you to work out different ways and imagine, how your dream wedding in Italy might look like, based on this information. With your ideas and my experience, we will tailor your dream wedding together.

My fee is not based on your budget, but always on the performance needed!

As Weddingplanner agency we are not allowed in booking planes and holidays. But we are working together with a travel agency that may assist you in this!

No! If I take care of your Wedding organisation, we will be on place for you in assisting you and your guests the whole day! We will be always in the backround to supervise everything! You just need to relax!