Creative and unusual Wedding in Italy

You are not a couple that dream of a classic white wedding ?! Are you creative and extraordinary and want your wedding to be as you are?? You can design your wedding! You just do not know, exactly how, when and where? Then I am exactly the right partner to contact! With my ideas and personal on-site support, can I realize even the most unusual ideas together with you because I know the country and the people very well, all providers personally and speak fluent Italian. I am very creative and able to make the most unusual dream become true for you!

And here are just a few ideas about how and where you can get married in Italy. Of course, you will receive more ideas directly from me. Go for it!

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Fantastic suggestions for an extraordinary wedding organized by Marry me in Italy


  • Civil or religious wedding on the sandy beach during the sunset in Tuscany, Rome, Sardinia or Sicily
  • Civil marriage in the eternal city of Rome in an old chapel
  • Civil marriage in the oldest registry office in Italy near Rome
  • Civil marriage in castles or palaces in Tuscany or Rome



  • Civil marriage on a bridge over the sea in Tuscany
  • Religious or civil marriage in the garden of a villa in Tuscany or in Italy
  • Civil marriage in a villa with sea view
  • Civil, religious or symbolic wedding in a medieval village in Umbria or Tuscany
  • Civil, religious or symbolic wedding in the vineyards or olive groves of Tuscany
  • Church wedding in the church where the sword is in the stone or civil wedding in the abbey next to it
  • Civil marriage in a mansion in Tuscany
  • Civil marriage in a medieval tower with a fantastic view of the Tuscan countryside
  • Civil ceremony at Lago d’Amore (Lovers lake) – Tuscany
  • Civil marriage in the garden of a medieval village in Tuscany



  • Civil marriage on a terrace overlooking the lake in Umbria
  • Civil marriage on Lake Trasimeno in Umbria
  • Civil marriage in a grotto
  • Civil marriage in a museum
  • Civil marriage in a theater



  • Civil marriage on a lighthouse in Sardinia
  • Civil marriage on a spanish fortress or castle overlooking the sea in Sardinia
  • Marry on a yacht or sailboat in Tuscany or Sardinia
  • Wedding on the Trenino Verde – SardiniaCivil ceremony in a disused mine – Sardinia
  • Civil marriage in the antique marriage pool – Inland Sardinia
  • Civil marriage in archeological places, e.g. in front of an ancient roman temple or roman baths – Sardinia


Different destinations in Italy

  • Marry like a star like George Clooney in Venice or Tom Cruise in Bracciano
  • Civil marriage on the balcony of Giulietta in Verona
  • Civil ceremony in the fairytale castle with a view of the Garda Lake
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For your creative and unusual Wedding in Italy, I will always be by your side and can organize this and much more together with you! All my suggestions are individually designed according to your wishes and ideas. I look forward to having a personal conversation with you!