Gay Wedding, Same sex Weddings in Italy are now legal recognized!!!

Homosexuality, same-sex marriage and love concept lesbian or gay male couple

Love does not know any border. Love does not make any difference between man or woman. Love is immeasurable and now finally also in Italy! Since last month the law has been changed and now also same sex weddings are going to be legally recognized if celebrated in Italy! Not only symbolic ceremonies can be hold, but also regal recognized ceremonies between two men’s or two woman’s! A civil Gay and Lesbian Wedding in Italy!

Are you a romantic man, that wishes to get married your boyfriend directly on the sandy beach in Italy?! Are you a romantic woman that is dreaming from a civil ceremony with your girlfriend in the eternal city of Rome?! Than keep stopping dreaming and get your dream come true! And this as first, foreign couple in one of the most romantic countries in Europe. Italy! Gay Wedding in Italy are now legaly recognized!

Gay Wedding in Italy legal recognized

On the beach in Tuscany or Sardinia, on a vinery in the Chianti area in Tuscany, on the balcony of Romeo & Juliette or any other beautiful town hall in Italy, Castles with sea view or fantastic Locations all over Italy. Love is blind and only your heart counts! Finally now also in Italy!

The gay wedding that will be celebrated in Italy will be completely recognized also in your country (if same sex weddings are recognized in your country). Otherwise you will not have any other choice and emigrate to Italy as I did! Not too bad, or what are you thinking?! I’m really glad to announce this beautiful change that a Gay and Lesbian Wedding is now also possible in Italy! Dare the adventure and contact us for more information’s. Be the first gay couple that is getting married with us in Italy! Italy is gay friendly!

Homosexuality, same-sex marriage and love concept – close up of happy married lesbian or male gay couple holding hands

Gay Wedding in Italy legal recognized

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