Luxury Wedding on a lonly beach in Sardinia – Costa Smeralda

Just since a few month I discoverd Sardinia to propose this wonderful Island to future wedding couples and than just arrived this special request from the bride.  The couple together with there 4 childrean and a few guests wanted to get married on the beach beginning September in the nothern part of Sardinia. They requested a luxury Wedding on a lonely beach! The biggest wish the couple had was, that the Location should be as lonley as possible. That there are not to many „not invited guests“ are. The meaning was, a beautiful beach, without any other People and this still in the high Season! Wow this was a difficult request, but more difficult the wishes from my couples are, more I m motivated to make their dreams come true.


With just 4 month time, high Season and the wishes from the couple, I can tell you, that this was not an easy Job. But thanks to the nice contacts I found the last month, I got a few, nice, but over all still availible Solutions for the couple. The choice the couple made was for a wonderful Location that may be reached just over the sea. Directley on the Esmeralda Coast!


Luxury Wedding in Sardinia


An VIP Location in which already a few international Stars got married. The photos and Videos I took during my site inspection helped a lot in making the desicion to choose this wonderful place to get married. Overall the beach. Exactley what you expect if you are dreaming from Sardinia. A white beach, transparent wather that Change the colore deaper it gets, simply wonderful!


Also the Location itself is just a dream. Exactley what you do expect from an luxury, exclusive place like this. A reserved area for the ceremony on the beach, reserved area in the Restaurant, high Level sevice, excelent Food and first class wines and Champagne…..


The Location itself is just beautiful so the bride did not wanted to decorate more than necessary, just to underline the Beauty, that the nature just gave us! A simply arch, White chairs, petals of Flowers and just enjoying the view over the sea! Simply beautiful!

The ceremony

Once the bride arrived by boat the ceremony started. To Union the Family we have choosen the ritual of the sand. Every Family member got a glass with colored sand and all together put them in a bigger glass that stand for the live together from now. I personally love this ritual, because you can see how beautiful the live together will be with this beautiful Colors all togehter. Every Family member with his Color and character makes the live togehter just beautiful. The oldest daugher (7) of the wedding couple made the ceremony than just perfect. With her beautiful word for her mom and dad this Moment was just WONDERFUL. What a luck this time I was aware and my sunglasses just covered the tears. I love my Job also for this wonderful Moments!!!


After this emotional ceremony the wedding Party just enjoyed a nice aperitive with finger Food and Champagne, meanwhile the couple has taken a few Moments for them for a few beautiful photos on the beach.

I would like to thank J & A and their guests for this beautiful dream Wedding. I hope I could get you insired for your dream wedding in Sardinia! I would be glad in assisting you in getting married in Sardinia – the Esmeralda Coast – or also on other beautiful beaches or also the countryside. This Island is really particolar and has a lot to offer!

Thanks a lot to Alberto for this wonderful photos of the Luxury Wedding in Sardinia!

I hope I could inspire you to get married in Sardinia. We have also the possibility to organize civil weddings on the beach. Please find here a few more information’s in regard. There are also some nice lonely beaches where a ceremony would be possible. Otherwise I already discovered for you lonely beaches all over the island for symbolic ceremonies or for the removal of your wedding promises! Let me surprise you and contact me today for more information’s!

Luxury Wedding on the beach


Location: VIP Location North Sardinia – Esmeralda Coast

Guests: 10 guests, Wedding couple and their children

Services: Wedding dinner, reserved area on the beach, private area in the VIP Location for dinner, Ceremony on the beach including english speaking celebrant, photografer, decoration on the beach with arch, chairs, decoration on the tables, flower Bouquet for the bride, Transfer with the boat for the guests and the wedding couple, wedding cake

Costs for the above indicated Services for 10 guests: around 5900,00 Euro