Wedding in Liguria


Liguria is nature and the sea. This small but romantic region on the west coast of Italy and its particular character offers many opportunities for your dream wedding! Very romantic in the church right on the cliffs or a civil ceremony in a small, intimate and unique registry offices. Contact us, we will gladly make concrete proposals!


Italy - this are the regions we are organizzing your Dream Wedding
Italy – this are the regions we are organizzing your Dream Wedding


This typical fisher village has his authentic charm. The houses are all in different colors, typical for this region. Portovenere is located just between Tuscany and the 5 Terre. A wonderful place in getting married. Maybe you may combine your next summer holidays in Liguria with a romantic engagement in Portovenere. Get married in the beautiful Castel Doria, or in the monetary or Forte Umberto I.

This are just a few ideas for a romantic Wedding in Liguria. We may assist you also in getting married in the 5 Terre area, La Spezia, Genova and other nice, romantic villages in Liguria. Wherever your heart will bring you!

Contact us today for more detailed information’s for your Destination Wedding in Liguria!


This is what you cannot miss in Liguria:

Wahle Watching: The sea in front of the 5 Terre is a natural park protected by the Unesco. During special periods in the year whales and defines lives there. We may arrange for you boats tours to visit this fantastic animals in their natural habitat.

Trekking: There is a wonderful trekking way that let you discover all 5 villages in the 5 Terre. A walk true the mountains with view over the sea will be a unforgettable experience for you. The trekking way that starts by Menarola and goes to Riomaggiore is a bit easier called “via dell’amore” the way of love. Doing this walk is a MUST for all lovers and newly wedding couples, that doing this way together is a symbol for your way of live together. If you can do this way together, you can do all together!!!

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