Getting married during your holiday in Italy. Also a Last Minute Wedding on the beach is possible

In time with the beginning of the holiday season we would like to remember you that a civil ceremony in Italy may be organized also on the beach or other wonderful places under the open sky. The organization is really not complicated if you accept our offer in assisting you! We have beautiful solutions for you, maybe a civil ceremony for example on the beach in Sardinia, Rome or Tuscany.

Last year we were the first Wedding Agency that organized a civil ceremony in a bay in Sardinia. A real civil wedding not only a recelebration or symbolic wedding! After this success many things moved, and every day, new options, to get married civilly on the beach, cliffs, Villas, Castles, vineyards and other beautiful places are given from the town halls.

Getting married during your holiday – on the beach in Italy

On our Homepage you will find already a few more detailed information’s of the different possibilities in getting married in Italy. Here for example a beautiful beach near Rome. An endless sandy beach, where thanks to our contacts, also a Wedding in the holiday season is possible.

Getting married in your Holiday – in Tuscany or under the open sky

Or are you planning your holiday in Tuscany? Then also in this beautiful region we may offer you different, beautiful solution for your civil ceremony under the open sky. For example in Gardens, Vineyards, Castles and Villas near the sea! Also directly on the sandy beach during Sunset.

Under Curiosities on our Website you find a few more ideas, how and where you may get married during your Sommer Holiday in Italy. And for information’s by phone we are always available for you! For free!!!

Elopment in Italy

What could be more romantic than getting married during your holidays. Relaxing just the two of you, a romantic ELOPMENT, or with the most important persons and friends of your live. Uncomplicated, relaxing and in a romantic atmosphere getting married in your holiday. This is still possible with the right partner, Marry me in Italy!

Also for couples that already got married could be a renewing of your wedding vows a beautiful romantic moment to organize during your holiday in Italy. To tell you one more time: “Yes I will” in the romantic atmosphere of a Castle in Tuscany, Verona, Rome, between the olive trees in Umbria, directly on the beach in Sardinia or Sicily or a wonderful Garden, what could be more emotionally than this?! And we would love to assist you in realizing your dream!

Get married during your holiday in Italy – also Last Minute

Should you already have booked a cruise in Europe, passing in Italy, we still have the possibility in assisting you in getting married here! Not only the classical packages, but proposal for romantic, individual and very special places, for your dream Destination Wedding in Italy! We know Italy better than my home country Germany, for this we can create for your, based on your wishes and dreams, your dream Wedding in Italy!

Regarding the needed documents you find with us the right partner for assisting you. We have the needed knowledge and can assist you with everything. Uncomplicated and relaxed as your holiday should be! For this I m glad in telling you that my personal record for a Last Minute Wedding in Italy was just 2 week. So fast could it be, your dream Wedding in the beautiful Italy!

Should you think about in getting married aboard, during your holiday, just contact us. We would be glad in assisting you in realizing your dream! Looking forward to speak to you personally. Otherwise I wish you all beautiful holidays, a relaxed time and a lot of fun!

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