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Romantic wedding near the eternal city Rome – Tivoli


Wedding near Rome – Tivoli

I arrived with my team in the morning in the bride’s hotel. She was still getting in a spectacularly wedding dress, happy about the beautiful suite we arranged for her, with a magnificent view and a beautiful balcony where she had taken her breakfast. While waiting for her we gave the final touches to the car decoration and to the arrangement of a little evening surprise for the newly weds. After a short photo session in the room, in the Hotel Garden and in the surroundings, we drove to the beautiful city hall, an old monastery,  where the staff had already arranged the music.

Civil wedding near Rome:

Waiting for her big entrance, the bride was nervous, but as the wedding march started she walked in so charming! She entered with a wide smile on her face and winking to her (still) boyfriend. After a short presentation by the celebrator – and the translator – the ceremony started. There was a great atmosphere, with classical background music and with many compliments to the bride, what made the future husband a bit jealous! When approaching to the expected moment, the second surprise showed up: our young assistant, my three-years-old daughter, arrived with the rings for them. Finally they could swear each other eternal love.

After the ceremony a little toast there could obviously not be missed! The photographer and the cameraman started again to catch this unforgettable moments. While speaking and laughing, the anxiousness that the bride and the groom had at the beginning flew away, and you could see that they were really enjoying their day. They were so in love! This is the reason why I like this job: watching these newly weds seems to confirm every time that love really exists!

But, going back to  work, in the meantime we prepared the next surprise. The staff had arranged everything and at their “ok” I sent the couple out of the city hall, where the guests were already waiting, together with some passers-by, curious about the married couple. As they came out, it began to rain rice and flowers!

Beautiful photo service on „secret“ places:

After this we went to take the photo session. The wedding was near Rome so I will just show you a few photos that can explain more than words.

But one thing is worth telling: the last stop was at the Spanish steps, and while the wedding couple  walked down the stairs, the people sitting there started to shout and clap hands for them, as it is normal in Italy. As I translated for the bride that the people were screaming that they wanted to see a kiss, she hug her husband and kissed him in front of them all. You can’t imagine the applause the whole square made….


After this memorable moment, the day ended up with greetings, kisses and a big smile from both. They went back to the hotel where the last surprise was waiting for them: a romantic wedding dinner on their room balcony overlooking to the magnificent surroundings. We still wish them all the best and thank them for the beautiful moments they gave us!




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