Wedding in Tuscany – Siena

Wedding in Siena
Wedding in Siena

A romantic wedding in the heart of Tuscany

I received Knut’s wedding request quite one year ago. Honestly it was a quite strange request, because his dream was it to get married in Volpaia. A beautiful village in the Chianti area but without any city hall. After a few E-mail Ramona and Knut decided to get married in Siena. After quite one year of correspondence finally a few days ago they got married. And a big friendship started hopefully!

The day before the Wedding in Tuscany

Ramona was so nervous about the idea that she needs to arrive on Piazza del Campo and all this people would see her and maybe making comments and applauses. I was telling her about 1000 times that for sure she will enjoy but you know, Germans do not trust anyone ;-) .

 The Wedding day in Siena

We met at 9.00 for making the declaration in the Comune di Siena and a thunderstorm started! The couple was afraid that their great day would be full of rain. They made the decision to get married in Italy also because of the sun shine and then a rainy day?! Rain rain rain. After the declaration they went shopping and I started to pick up flowers etc. At 2.00 p.m. we met again with the make-up artist and after she started working I saw finally Ramona relaxing! She got really enthusiastic and enjoyed that a professional make-up artist is taking care of her. She was so beautiful! She called Knut to tell him. “Look at me. I will be the women you are going to marry in a few hours. Do not make a mistake ;-) ”. He was without words. The sun came out but both where so enthusiastic and nervous that the did not notice it anyway. A beautiful old-timer drove Ramona than to the town hall were a surprise was waiting for both. Two family members joined the wedding without telling them nothing. You can imagine there faces as they meet each other?! The driver made a short sightseeing tour with Ramona in Siena and once she arrived, strange, but she was not more afraid of all the people on the square! How knows why?! She arrived as a Queen, shaking hands and smiling to everyone! I needed to tell her, hurry we need to go upstairs. It’s our turn! In the beautiful city hall, Francesco and Lorenzo a beautiful music couple where already there and once the “Ave Maria” started, also myself where unable to keep my tears! So a beautiful atmosphere, so a beautiful couple and so a beautiful voice! During the ceremony we enjoyed the beautiful voice from the Soprano, together with the piano and the beautiful and romantic words of the celebrant. I’m joining many ceremonies and unfortunately they are quite all the same but this one where really particular! Beautiful atmosphere and beautiful people all around. Anyway, after a short photo shooting in the Palazzo a glass of sparkling wine where expecting the couple outside. And many tourists that clapped their hands and made their best wishes to the newly wedding couple! The smile on the face from Ramona and Knut was the most beautiful I have seen since a while! Short walk true Siena, many tourists that made together with our Photographer photos and then a ride in the Tuscan countryside. Beautiful photos during the sunset. But now I will stop writing and share with you the most beautiful moments! Hope that I made you interested in a beautiful wedding in Siena! For sure I will meet Ramona and Knut again many times here in Siena or in Germany. Not only for them, but also for me, with their wedding in Siena started a beautiful friendship. I’m sure! Grazie mille! Thanks a lot to this beautiful couple that I had the chance meeting you, knowing you and sharing with you one of the most important days in your life! I sent you many baci! Tanti auguri e viva gli sposi!!!

I will miss you!


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