romantic wedding in Umbria

Getting married Last Minute – just in two weeks – is this possible?! Yes it is! Get married in Umbria!


Our actual record in organizing Last Minute weddings are 3 weeks. But this sympatric German couple brook our record. J, the bride contacted me at the beginning of August and was asking, if it would be possible in getting married in two weeks, during their holiday in Umbria. Wow two weeks! As bigger the challenge is, more I’m motivated to accept them! Ok we will try our best! And we got it done! In only 14 days we organized a romantic elopement in Perugia – Umbria. This beautiful city is known for the chocolate kisses and the chocolate festival in autumn. But also the city center is really beautiful and in Perugia, the wedding couples has a big choice of different, beautiful halls where they can get married. J & E have chosen the Sala Bini. A beautiful, small old chapel. Perfect for a romantic wedding just the two and their little daughter! We all had a lot of fun and their daughter, with her beautiful smile will be forever in my heart! I miss her already! But what a luck that we have the beautiful photos from Angelina, so I will remember the little lady every time I’m looking to your pictures! Thanks a lot J & E that you gave me the possibility in realizing your dream Wedding in Umbria! A big hug to all three and now enjoy the pictures!



Wedding in Umbria


Location: Perugia – civil Wedding in Umbria

Guests: just Wedding couple, their daughter and testimony

Service: Organization of the civil ceremony including on place assistance and translation service, Town hall fee and photographer

Costs for the above indicated services: circa 2500,00 Euro

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