Civil ceremony on the beach in Sardinia

Civil ceremony on the beach in Sardinia

Can we get married with a civil ceremony directly on the beach?! This is one of the questions that wedding couples are asking to us. For this reason we would like to show you today a few photos from the romantic wedding of this German couple that got married in May 2017 directly on the white beach in Sardinia!

Many couples would like to get married during their summer holidays. For a romantic and intimate beach wedding we recommend always to do this in the low season to guarantee you a bit more of privacy. Don’t worry, in April, May, September or October the weather conditions in Sardinia are still fantastic. Personal I Love End of September or October. The beaches are empty. No tourists anymore. Just the people from this Island. The sea is still warm from the summer and the beaches are just mine!!! Sorry but I rave up!!! Back to D&L
Civil ceremony on the beach – we recommend to do this in the low season

This couple decided Last Minute to get married in Sardinia. We had just 3 weeks in getting their dream realized. Since beginning of 2017 finally we have a few more beaches that has the special permission to celebrate civil ceremonies directly there. So I could propose this wedding couple a few nice Ideas. As I told them, that there will be the first couple that will get married legally recognized on the beach, they were not only happy but also honored!!


Legally recognized ceremony on the beach – Marry me in Italy make dreams become true!

The couple just arrived with a few guests. The evening before we had all together a nice aperitif and spoke about the last details. And then arrived the BIG DAY!

In the morning my team decorated simply but elegant the Gazebo. As it’s already really warm also in May, I suggested the couple to get married in the late morning. As I told you, the couple was the first that got married on the beach, for this reason, as the celebrant never celebrated there before and she did not know how to arrive there! The Weddingplanner jumped into the golf car, with my German, fast driving, I just arrived in time with her, in not being late before the couple arrived!

And then they arrived… Bright as the sun!!! The couple really enjoyed the walk true the sandy beach reaching us than under the Gazebo. They swear their endless love in front of the crystal blue sea … Tears flowed not only from the mom ‘s but also from the Weddingplanner!

After the civil cerebration a beautiful photo shooting on the beach and then….


After the ceremony the couple went for the photo shooting. Thanks to Alberto as always, for the wonderful collaboration and for this wonderful pictures! In the meantime the Team had enough time in setting the Baldachin for a romantic brunch directly on the beach. After the funny shooting the couple and their guests were rewarded with a fantastic bruch with sea view! They enjoyed the rest of the day together in relaxing and me and my team with the first jump into the crystal blue sea!!! I love my job!!!


I do love my job overall, because I do just meet fantastic couples and their families and friends! Because I do have a fantastic team and working with them is always a lot of fun and because I do organize weddings on the most beautiful place on earth! I would like to thank D&L for this nice collaboration. It was really a great pleasure to me in meeting you and your family! Thank you for all!!! Thank you that I could assist you in realizing your dream!

Ci vediamo presto in Sardegna!

Civil ceremony on the beach in Sardinia

Location:       civil ceremony on the beach

Guests:          3 guest and wedding couple

Services:       reserved Zone on the beach, decorated Gazebo, town hall fee, professional photographer, Brunch directly on the beach, Accommodation for one week in a 5* Hotel for the wedding couple

Cost for the above indicated Service for 5 guests: circa 4600,00 Euro