Italian Destination Wedding Planner Award20200527183215

Italian Destination Wedding Planner Award

angela27. May 2020Blog, general
I would like to thank Luxlife of the Global Wedding Awards for the nomination! And I am proud to announce that I have been named Best Italian Destinat...
Getting married in Sardinia20191217183428

Getting married in Sardinia

angela17. December 2019Blog, wedding
Legally recognized Wedding on the beach in Sardinia...
Elopement in Italy20191217170035

Elopement in Italy

angela17. December 2019Blog, general
Elopement in Italy.... What is that?? Elopement means: an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married...
Interview with Love me in Italy20191217160130

Interview with Love me in Italy

angela17. December 2019Blog, general
What a big honor! The fantastic magazine Lovemeinitaly asked me this weekend for an interview...
Buy Wedding in Italy invited me as speaker20191217154823

Buy Wedding in Italy invited me as speaker

angela17. December 2019Blog, general
Once again, a big honor. I’m invited as a speaker to the workshop about destination Wedding...
Recognized beach Wedding20191217153939

Recognized beach Wedding

angela17. December 2019Blog, wedding
Es war ein Traum den ich J & P erfüllen durfte! Eine standesamtliche Hochzeit am Strand. Dazu noch einem der fünf schönsten Strände Sardiniens! E...
Civil ceremony on the beach20191217144440

Civil ceremony on the beach

angela17. December 2019Blog, wedding
Can we get married with a civil ceremony directly on the beach?! This is one of the questions that wedding couples are asking to us. For this reason, ...
Getting married in Umbria – a new Weddingpackage is online20191209175041

Getting married in Umbria – a new Weddingpackage is online

angela9. December 2019deals
Getting married in UmbriaHow expensive is it to get married in Umbria?To answer you this question I just created for you a new Wedding package where y...
Beach wedding in Tuscany20190523110817

Beach wedding in Tuscany

tohatec23. May 2019wedding
Beach Wedding in TuscanyWhat can be more romantic than a beach wedding in Tuscany! During sunset, just you and your best friends and family celebratin...
Civil wedding in Sicily20190523110637

Civil wedding in Sicily

tohatec23. May 2019Blog, wedding
Civil wedding in SicilyA civil wedding in May, during their summer holidays, was the dream of this nice German couple. It should be just an intimate W...