Beach Wedding in Sardinia on one of the most beautiful beaches on this island

Beach Wedding in Sardinia

on one of the most beautiful beaches on this island


It was a dream that I could realize together with J & P. A civil ceremony directly on the beach. A beach wedding in Sardinia! Not only a beach, but one of the most beautiful once in Sardinia! A dream Wedding not only for the wedding couple but also for me. I’m glad to tell you now the love story of this sympatric German couple!


In autumn 2016 the couple contacted me and told me that their biggest dream would be in getting married civilly directly on the beach, just with a few family members and their best friends. But the wedding date would be really important. June 1st should it be. Because on this day, 13 years ago the couple met and fell in love! The 13th anniversary they wanted to celebrate with the official Wedding on the beach. After 13 years finally the “real” Ceremony should be organized directly on the beach.

I invited the couple for a Location hopping in Sardinia. We had immediately the perfect feeling for a perfect collaboration. So I invited this couple for lunch in my favorite location. They felt in love immediately with the location directly on the sandy beach and Daniels team. The owner so friendly, heartily and on our complete disposal for all questions and doubts. The decision has been made right away! Beach and food without any words. Just fantastic!

For the accommodation for the couple, friends and family we booked for them different Villas on the top of a hill with an amazing view over the sea! No words can describe this!!!

The safe the date cards where sent out and the family was really enthusiastic from the idea spending one week together in Sardinia! And they did not even know what else we did arrange for them ;-). We got into the planning period, and after nine month the Wedding week arrived!

Beach wedding in Sardinia – the Organization

Me too obviously where diligent in organizing them a civil ceremony directly on this wonderful beach. And then, the great day arrived!! The day before we went for a final tasting and coordination to the Location. For the evening has been organized a wonderful BBQ in the garden in one of the Villas. A romantic decoration, a private Chef that spoilt the couple and their guest. And then June 1st arrived!

The great day arrived

As I arrived in the morning in the girls Villa, a relaxing atmosphere was waiting for me. The girls had breakfast together and meanwhile the hair dresser and Make up artist spoilt the bride and her guests we listen to music, had a glass of sparkling wine and laught a lot. My team was enthusiastic of the working place I arranged for them. Overall from the view to the sea! I really love my job and making my team happy with just such little thinks! The bridal bouquet from my wonderful florist Claudia arrived and J took a few minutes for herself in writing down the last words she wanted to tell her future husband during the celebration. And then the TUK Tuk arrived and it was time in calling him, P, the groom! What an emotional moment as he saw his future wife…… and the first tears arrived. (not only from me 😉 ). The couple drove away, alone the wonderful panoramic street along the cost with the fantastic view over the Turquoise blue sea

The guests that never had seen the Location before arrived. All with open mouth! Just wonderful! And then the couple arrived. What a wonderful moment! A singer started with Halleluja, the couple walked true the beach, in front of them the flower children… Basta I cannot tell you more, because the moment was so wonderful that I cannot write down in words without start crying again!

Luca the official celebrant, but overall the Maids of Honor made the ceremony really special. And tears are again arriving just thinking to this….. After the official ceremony we arranged a wonderful sand ritual, that united J & P also symbolically! A really romantic Wedding on the beach! A dream wedding in Sardinia!!! No words can describe this wonderful moment!

After this emotions, the party stated. Aperitiv during the sunset on the beach and a fantastic dinner with friends! Dancing in the sand with a DJ and a very romantic final! The sister of the groom arranged water lanterns, that all together sent out of the sea with the best wishes for the couple. Unfortunately the lanterns where not really environmentally friendly, for this reason, the Weddingplanner jumped into her bikini and picked them up. We do not want to contaminate this little paradise! Almost frozen, but this and much more, I do for my couples! I survived also this adventure! The farewell was not too long, than the next morning we had organized another surprise for the guests!

 Day after the beach wedding in Sardinia

Wake up call from the Weddingplanner at 9.30. A boots tour on an antic sailing boot was attending us! With freshly caught fish for lunch and a looooooot of fun! A relaxed week with the whole family came to an end.

So many emotions and so a lot of fun. I really thank you both, that I could help you in realizing your dream! I’m glad that I met your family and friends and I’m waiting for you on this beautiful island to see you again in the near future!

Stay as you are, and most of all, never stop looking to each other as you did it this days I could spend with you!


If you are now interested also about the cost for a Beach Wedding in Sardinia find bellow more informations what this couple spent for their dream Wedding. I have created for you also a Basic Package on my homepage. This packages is flexible and will be based on your needs and wishes! Start dreaming from your Wedding on the beach and realise this dream together with me!

Beach Wedding in Sardinia

Location:       civil ceremony on the beach

Guests:          21 guest and wedding couple

Services:       Villas for all guest for one week, BBQ including lighting and decoration, Tuk Tuk for wedding couple transportation, Bus Transfer for guests, Hairdresser, decoration on the beach with arch decorated with flowers, bridal bouquet, Buttoner and table decoration, town hall fee for the celebration on the beach, German speaking official celebrant , Music during the ceremony, DJ, Aperitif, 7 course menu including Wedding cake, beverages and wine, Open bar, exclusive rental of the antic sailing boot including lunch for the whole group

Cost for the above indicated Service for 23 guests: circa 16 500,00 Euro