Beach Wedding despite Covid

Beach Wedding despite COVID

Today I would like to take away your fear and give you the proof that a wedding on the beach is possible despite COVID! And quite simply through photos of evidence and the romantic wedding story of a couple in love who, despite everything, dared to realize their dream in summer 2020! You can find the link to the whole wedding story here.

Because love never dies!

And dreams are there to be realized! I encourage you to keep dreaming! Because even in difficult times it is important to have dreams. These helps you keep going on. Because even if there are a lot of rules that don’t make sense, you never know what’s next week, if you stay optimistic and believe in the good, I think everything will turn out for the better. Maybe with compromises, but always for the best!

2020 was a very exciting wedding season for me

A lot of flexibility was required. There was a lot of uncertainty. A situation that we all did not know. But thanks to my more than 10 years of professional experience, thank God I have the complete network to also realize last minute weddings. And thanks to this good cooperation with all of my providers, you don’t have to worry. The providers “tick” just like me. Our only goal is to see you happy.

Carefree and with a stunning smile

And so you can always count on us! Would you also like to have a wedding on the beach, but are unsure whether this is possible despite Corona? Do you dare! Do not stop dreaming and arrange a non-binding consultation with me. If you have a good gut feeling after our personal phone call, then get started. Don’t let your dreams take you away!


Of course, nobody knows what’s coming, but I won’t leave you out in the rain!

Nobody knows how to go on. My heart always hurts when I can’t give my couples 100% security. But I can promise you one thing 110%. I will not leave you alone! No matter what happens, together we will find a solution to make your dream come true! And of course, we will work out a plan B together so that you feel safe and know, if everything fails, how things will go on! A little psychological support that will help you not to let the anticipation take away.

If you dream of a beach wedding than do it despite Covid – don’t stop dreaming

Don’t put off your dream if it doesn’t feel right, dream it! Of course, I don’t advise you naively about anything. I can’t afford that, to be honest! My heart and soul is in Marry me in Italy. It is my baby who has learned to walk for years now. I don’t just show my face, I don’t just talk a lot, I try to give you every possible security. I am a member of the Association of German Wedding Planners and also of the Association of Italian Wedding Planners. Only qualified and professional wedding planners are accepted into both. We have to pass an entrance exam in both, to provide evidence, but most of all we have guidelines in both that all members must adhere to. You are welcome to get an idea of ​​it here. I am even an ambassador for Tuscany in the Italian Confederation. This is just an aside, so that you know how seriously I take my calling. Therefore, I will always be at your side with every problem, not just because of COVID, but with everything. Now you have it in writing and the internet never forgets! I hope I was able to relieve you of some fear and would be very happy if you would agree with me and look forward to your call. Either to get started together, or to talk to me if you don’t quite agree with me! I look forward to it!